The Sims Logo Design

Design Challenge: Create logos for sub-brands of The Sims

The Sims is a global game brand. The logo uses a proprietary typeface similar to ITC Kabel, and a 3D diamond object known as a "plumbob." Using these elements and more, I designed several logos for games and services launched by The Sims Web group.

The Sims On Stage Logo

Logos work best when they immediately convey an idea using shape, text, and color. The Sims on Stage was a user-generated creativity portal, where people could sing karaoke, write stories, and make movies involving characters from The Sims. I tried to capture the feeling of making yourself a star.

The Sims People Corps

Within The Sims organization, voluntary, cross-functional teams formed to address product, quality, and other HR issues. I joined a team dedicated to empowering people to reach their full potential at work. It was called "The Sims People Corps." Among other things, I designed their logo. It also would have made a fine tattoo.