Pogo Subscription Flow

Design Challenge: Streamline a well-used subscription flow

Pogo.com is a casual game subscription service with close to a million monthly visitors. The subscription flow evolved over 10 years and included entry points and ways to join. The flow contained redundancies and dead-ends. I redesigned this page and fixed the flow in 5 steps. When the project was finished, registrations increased 10%.

Before: Nine repetitive and confusing links/ After: One central call-to-action

Step 1: Requirements, Research, Ideation

At this stage, I partnered with product mangagement to set goals. I identified confusing areas of the layout, and we looked at heat maps to see where users clicked. For research, I immersed myself in subscription flows. I looked for patterns and learned the design language of this particular interaction. I looked at industry leaders (Netflix, Spotify), Game sites (Steam, Origin), and dozens more. I also looked at internal EA campaigns to see which promotions performed best.

Step 2: Define User Flow, Identify Key Screens

Here, I documented the user's journey through the flow. I identified superfluous pages and dead ends. I proposed a new, streamlined flow.

Step 3: Create a User-Centric Experience

I created several solutions to the design problem. My favorite was a stripped-down, long scrollable page that sold a particular point with the help of clear images and animation.

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Step 4: Prototype & Usability Testing

To better explain my concept to developers and internal stakeholders, I created a prototype in JavaScipt and jQuery. After user tests, we opted for a minimum viable product of a simplified page.

View early prototype

View later prototype

Step 5: Launch & Feature Support

I remained committed to the project as the development team turned my sketches into final art and a live product. The simplified design led to an increase in registrations by 10%.

Note: The final art shown here was created by the Pogo art team, not me.

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