About Me

Hi, I'm Justin. Thank you for visiting.

I’m a design manager and leader, with over 20 years of experience creating successful products, services, and games. I’m passionate about design and leading teams to do the best work of their careers. I’m motivated to solve difficult experience problems, and I know from experience that high-functioning teams can achieve much more than a person working on his own.

As a manager, I create environments of creativity, collaboration, and trust. I guide designers to raise their personal standards of quality, and to embrace fast feedback and critique. I use qualitative research to learn motivation and goals, and data to test actions against words.

Working in the gaming industry for eight years taught me important lessons about feedback, narrative, and community. These are elements of game design that work across industries.

As a design leader, I learn from the expertise of my partners, define strategic goals, and work tirelessly to turn back-of-the-napkin dreams into reality.

In my free time, I’m a basketball and cross-country coach (Go Bulldogs!) and a typography fan. Let’s talk! Connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.